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 Thank you for visiting Castaways Corner'. Whether you are one of our loyal and devoted fans or visiting this site for the first time, WELCOME HOME!


 We are Mya & Angelo of Bigbananamilfshake, the crazy shipwrecked couple on Bananigan Island. Here on Castaways' Corner, you will find all the island swag you will ever need, to represent your team, and feel a part of the BananaFam. However, before you excitedly jump over to the catalogue of really cool products we have for sale, here’s a little bit about who you’re buying from and how much it means to have your support! Cast on Castaways!

 Mya & Angelo are both Canadian, currently living in Canada. Mya spent a large portion of her life in the Bahamas, while Angelo spent a large portion of his in Italy.

 We met in 2018, after fate would have us meet, cities apart, through Bumble & it’s been downhill ever since. We are kidding of course!  After a comical yet memorable first date, our fate was sealed, and our story together, began.

 In 2020, Mya was working in corporate and owned her own company on the side. When the COVID pandemic landed, Mya was laid off, and her successful business in the event industry suffered. It was at this time, that one of Mya’s friends at the time, told her about Chaturbate, and her own plan to start camming. After Mya's initial reaction of shock, and a firm "No Thanks", she decided to do a bit more research, into the camming industry. The world of online adult entertainment was not something she had ever considered before, but the more she looked into it, the more excited she became, and decided to discuss it with Angelo.

 Angelo had a successful corporate career for many years, so when presented with the idea of working in the adult entertainment industry, his first response was "Hell No!" However, with more discussion and Mya's promises for even more "fun times", Angelo decided to give it a go and so,  their online journey together began, and Bigbananamilfshake was born.

 Although their first stream on August 21, 2020, was a disaster, they kept going, and quickly gained momentum and a loyal fan base. It was incredibly exciting for both of them, to begin a new venture they knew nothing about, and quickly see it grow. However, with work schedules, and weekly travel, they realized soon enough, sending all of their intimate moments on camera, may have been great for the room, but not great for their relationship. 

 Slowly, Mya and Angelo started adding games and challenges to their broadcast, and it wasn’t long that the fans started to really enjoy the changes. One particular evening, in the spring of 2021, at the height of our very competitive broadcast, the Bananigan Island teams were born. . Angelo’s Wolfpack and Mya’s Boobee-Brigade, drew definite lines in the sand, as to what team you were rooting for in this online battle of the sexes. It was the beginning and creation of something new, and amazing, that forever changed the way they cammed. Since then, the Island has organically evolved and expanded into the Bananigan Island, you see today.

 Mya & Angelo, although fiercely competitive, have become even closer as they build this cammunity together and battle with their teams in competitive yet loving competitions.   Bananigan Island has grown with the loving and loyal support of its castaways, who have stuck by, through all the growing pains and all the ups and downs, over the years.  Humbled and ever so grateful, Mya & Angelo embark on their journey to the Island every weekend, to spend it with their Castaways and light the fires of competition on Bananigan Island. Returning each week to a site and group of beautiful humans they had never heard of before, but now cannot imagine living without. 

So please , have a look around, bring something from the Island home with you from our store & stay a while. You might just feel that being marooned with us on our island, really is, the home you always wanted.

 "Remember to be kind to yourselves, be kind to others, and don't forget to have FUN! Cuz if you ain't having fun, you ain't doing it right!"

Mya & Angelo


Bananigan Island 

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